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Grid-Tie Solar System is mainly designed to handle heavy loads of power demand for businesses and industries that has the following characteristics;

  • Has lots of air conditioners and fans
  • Has lots of industrial equipment
  • Has lots of computers
  • Runs all the equipment above on electricity
  • And pays huge electricity bills

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Switch To Grid-Tie Solar


Grid Tie Solar system is a solar energy that is connected to the National grid and therefore your electrical consumption comes from both the solar system and the National grid.

For example; If your consumption is 10KWh and your solar produces 8KWh you only pay for 2KWh

National grid.

The grid connected Solar system shuts down when the National grid goes OFF. The grid tie system is designed to reduce your huge electricity bills.

The system does not require batteries which are usually expensive. Since there are no batteries, maintenance cost is kept at a minimum.


·     5 Years Warranty on Solar Panels

·     3 Years Warranty on Grid-Tie Solar Inverters

·     The overall system life span is 15-20 years.

·     Flexible Payment terms